How I became a Dutch voice-over

My name is Jente Kater (21-05-1972). I am a native Dutch voiceover and radio jock. I have hosted shows for Dutch national radio stations such as 538, Radio Veronica, Kink FM and Slam!FM. Here I stood out due to my creative approach and feeling for good texts. Besides this I also produced jingles, promo’s and commercials and directed voices.

After a short break, working as a copywriter in the advertising business, I was scouted as the promo voice-over for Veronica television. After this I got asked frequently for the narration of commercials. Customers include: Coca Cola, Call of Duty, Spotify, CZ, Smirnoff, Veronica Magazine, Meeus, Fight Cancer, The University of Wageningen and many others.

I am known as a professional voice-over with a young sound, which adapts easily to any tone-of-voice. My assignments are very diverse, from energetic voice-overs for ‘selling’ commercials and radio promo’s to sympathetic, smooth voice-overs with a more corporate feeling.

In 2007 I decided to start my own company: One-o-Niners. This company develops branded online-radio, media and internet platforms. One-o-Niners makes (and has made) radio for Delta Lloyd and Eileen, the Erasmus University, dating site D-Date,  political party CDA and the National Children’s Paper.

After three years I developed another new venture out of One-o-Niners: This is the first web shop in the world that makes it possible to book a native Dutch voice-over as well as foreign voice-overs in three easy steps. At this moment is the fastest growing voice agency in the Netherlands.